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Simply Put: Enhanced Visibility in the Search Engines = More Traffic and Profit

Best Online Results is an SEO consulting firm designed to promote websites and increase a company's Internet exposure within the search engines, namely Google. The reason our services have been so successful for our clients is that we know what the search engines are looking for when they decide who gets placed at the top of the search results when a search request is made.

We have selected our Internet Marketing packages very carefully. The system Best Online Results has adopted has been applied successfully to over 6,500 websites and to over 13,000 web pages across the Internet. Our programs were not created on a whim or on a theory crafted on a whiteboard that has never been put into practice. On the contrary, our strategies have been tried, tested, and perfected where the rubber meets the road, and that is within industry, as evidenced by our online website placement portfolio. Producing results is a key factor that separates us from other SEO or Internet Marketing firms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) versus Pay Per Click (PPC)

The difference with our services is that our clients have great placement on ALL of the major search engines, not just ONE search engine as is the case with a pay-per-click campaign, and they don't have to pay each time someone clicks on their link! If you are pay-per-clicking now, then you know first-hand how expensive it can be and not to mention that it is extremely limiting. Once you are out of funds, then you are invisible to your potential prospects.

The value of properly marketing your website cannot be over emphasized. The majority of our clients prior to establishing natural placement used to pay for each click in order to establish any visibility within the search engines. However, what an average Best Online Results client normally spends in 2-3 months on Pay Per Click is what they will spend over the course of a YEAR with us, and we send them 5, 10 and even 20 times the amount traffic they were getting, considering 83% of all traffic comes from natural non-paid search results!

During tough economic times can you afford to put off getting exposure to your website? Now more than ever is the best time to become a leader in your industry through the use of proven Internet Marketing.

Best Online Results offers a full spectrum of Internet Marketing Services to increase your search engine placement and online exposure including, but not limited to:

  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Consulting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Keyword Research And Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Lead Generation
  • Link Building
  • Competitive Market Intelligence
  • SEO Writing and
  • Landing Page Optimization

The bottom line is Best Online Results is positioned to help you get an edge over your competitors.

Call Best Online Results today at 866-404-2265 before your competitor does today for a free, no obligation phone consultation or visit our website at www.BestOnlineResults.com.

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that our Search Engine Optimization services will work within 90 days for any keyword phrase that has less than 1,000,000 competitors. If there are more competitors vying for a phrase then it could take longer to get placed. We guarantee multiple keyword positions on the 1st and 2nd page placement of the top 3 major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo). If we do not meet this benchmark, we will continue to optimize your site at a 50% discount until we do. Best Online has successfully done just this, for every one of our clients. We can do if for your site too. Call us at 866-404-2265 today for a free, no obligation phone consultation.

Search Engines Optimization Process

Part of our web site optimization service is correcting or optimizing the coding on your web pages to better tell the search engines what you do and where you do it! Our SEO service optimizes a website's pages for the best possible Search Engine ranking; ensuring the proper use of HTML, META Information, keywords and other website features that are used by the Search Engines to evaluate the relative "value" of each website.

The power of our SEO Services is that you get all of the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site, without having to make major changes the "look" of your site. Your layouts, pages, graphics, everything will continue to look exactly the same as you designed it. You web site visitors will not notice any differences, but the search engines will!


How To Get On Google And All The Best Search Engines

Key Search Engine Optimization Factors
The search engines rank web sites by giving the pages a relative quality score based on 3 factors:
1) How the web page is formatted with Title/Meta and Description Tags.
2) The quantity and quality of in-bound links that exist on your site
    from other trusted Internet sites.

3) The quality and relevancy of the written content.

A quality SEO plan optimizes both on-page and off-page SEO factors simultaneously. When the Search Engine robots or spiders review your site, your content is presented in the proper format for great placement. We also have a 3 Step Links Strategy that is comprised of getting quality inbound links from directories and other quality sources.

Check out the search engine rankings from some of our SEO clients and get an SEO quote. We think you will be amazed on the cost savings of getting your site naturally or organically placed is a much better value versus just paying per click advertising alone.  

Best Online Results has experienced search engine optimizers and programmers specially trained to give you the edge over your competition allowing you need to win in the Internet business. If you want to profit in this new high-tech world, then you need a website that is appealing, but also can be found when a prospective client needs your product or service. Contact Best Online Results to learn about our website advertising service and more about what your website needs to be successful.

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Quotes from other Industry leaders:

What is Search Engine Optimization Exactly? "it's the science of search as it relates to marketing on the web. It is not just technical, nor copywriting, nor links, nor just search engine submission, but an intricate blend of over a hundred variables into the fabric of a website. It is difficult to accomplish without a formal proven methodology and strong proprietary [SEO] tools" Bruce Clay


Industry-leading experts such as U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst Safa Rashtchy recently professed that "the search market has become the Holy Grail of Internet advertising and continues to grow faster than our expectations."